I designed a thematic unit for "Food" which includes fruits, drinks and Chinese breakfast. I attached reading comprehension for fruits and drinks, and one battleship language activity for fruits.

Gimme 5 (Final Reflections)

Demonstration Lessons

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Aaron's chant! (Originally developed by Action Language Learning, recorded and published with permission)

Grace Discusses Mentoring

Grace discusses mentoring new student teachers. (I was so excited after taking this picture because I discovered the setting that keeps people's hands from blurring!)
Grace Demo Lesson for presentational mode

Janna's Demo Lesson: House

Susan's Interpersonal Demo Lesson: Clue

Sharing Lessons

Using this lesson plan template, a lesson plan format you prefer, or the one that your district requires, please share your lesson(s) by uploading them to this page in the wiki.

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Technology Hint: Be sure to include your name in your file with your name before uploading it! (Remember the wiki file library is a big place!) And that all your graphics are copyright acceptable!

Timeline and details:

By August 31, upload your lesson.


By September 30, give feedback to a colleague on the lesson using the discussion tab of this page.
Look for the elements of Contextualization, Comprehensible Input, and Scaffolding in the lesson. Focus your discussion by using the following feedback phrases:
1. I like (what about the lesson)
2. I see that your lesson (comment on how the above three elements are included)
3. You could expand/enrich your lesson by (comment on how to expand/enrich one of the elements above) because if would help the [[#|students]] (in what way).

By October 31, the original author replies to the discussion thread regarding her lesson - how did it go? How would you change it? How would you expand it?